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On the Southernmost Bend:

A Beginning History of South Bend

On the southernmost bend of the southernmost river

Of the waters that run to the Lake

The story of South Bend begins to be told

A tale to spellbind the young and the old

Glaciers and swamplands and buffalo too

Natives and Frenchmen in birchbark canoes

A title for every bookshelf in South Bend

You'll read it again and again and again!

My name is Aaron Helman and I believe history matters. I believe that where we come from informs where we're going. I believe that taking pride in our town makes it a better place. And I believe that we're all better off when we're honest, even when the truth isn't always pleasant.


That's why I wrote ON THE SOUTHERNMOST BEND: A BEGINNING HISTORY OF SOUTH BEND. I want to spark curiosity and imagination in kids throughout South Bend, and I want to equip parents and teachers to help bring the history of my hometown to life.

Featuring a history that spans from the Ice Age through to modern day, and a dozen gorgeous, full-color illustrations; ON THE SOUTHERNMOST BEND is an important book and one every local family should have in their collection.

I'm excited to continue the important work of keeping South Bend's history alive. Thanks for being a part of it.

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