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On the Southernmost Bend:

A Beginning History of South Bend

On the southernmost bend of the southernmost river

Of the waters that run to the Lake

The story of South Bend begins to be told

A tale to spellbind the young and the old

Glaciers and swamplands and buffalo too

Natives and Frenchmen in birchbark canoes

A title for every bookshelf in South Bend

You'll read it again and again and again!

Help me get this book into every K-3 classroom and onto every bookshelf in South Bend...

My name is Aaron Helman and I believe history matters. I believe that where we come from informs where we're going. I believe that taking pride in our town makes it a better place. And I believe that we're all better off when we're honest, even when the truth isn't always pleasant.


That's why I wrote ON THE SOUTHERNMOST BEND: A BEGINNING HISTORY OF SOUTH BEND. I want to spark curiosity and imagination in kids throughout South Bend, and I want to equip parents and teachers to help bring the history of my hometown to life.

Featuring a history that spans from the Ice Age through to modern day, and a dozen gorgeous, full-color illustrations; ON THE SOUTHERNMOST BEND is an important book, one you'll want in your collection even if you're not a child, and one that you can help me put into schools, libraries, and classrooms.

I'm excited to continue the important work of keeping South Bend's history alive. Thanks for being a part of it.

Order now and your book will ship on March 11, 2024.

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