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Simon Rousseau and the House on the Hill

The next time someone asks you
What's the worst that could happen?
remind them you could make enemies
with a secret guild of power artists
who conspire to have you hanged
for treason

What's the worst that could happen?
You could discover colors
that don't exist in your hometown.
You could discover magic
(but never call it magic)
or fall in love
or get your heart broken.

You could die
but you could also
finally live.

At least that's what happened
to Simon Rousseau.

SIMON ROUSSEAU AND THE HOUSE ON THE HILL is a brand-new young adult fantasy adventure filled with art and magic (but never call it magic), history, young love, betrayals, and shifting alliances. It's a story told through the lens of the richest and most beautiful parts of the Renaissance.

Your support of this publishing project will help bring Simon and the world around him to life. You'll meet woodcarvers who bring creatures to life from fallen timber, artists who hide stories in shadows and light, clever villains who wield power in paintbrushes, and you'll discover why the best pizza in the universe comes from inside a canvas.

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