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Ride the Jack Rabbit

I grew up here. Lived my whole life here. I've ridden my bike to every corner of this place. Shoot, I even wrote a book about it. And there were still so many fascinating things that I didn't know. So I wrote another book. In RIDE THE JACK RABBIT, you're going to come with me to explore more of the people, places, and events that have made my hometown just about the most interesting place I've ever discovered, including:

  • The spectacular history of Playland Park, the South Bend amusement park that featured a roller coaster, dance hall, baseball stadium, racetrack, and music pavilion.

  • The life of Edward Bonney, founder of Bonneyville, Indiana turned notorious counterfeiter, turned personal bodyguard to Joseph Smith, turned bounty hunter, turned true crime biographer. 

  • The early-morning bombings in downtown South Bend in 1935 that set off a soap opera of media speculation, secretive investigations, and court room drama.

Paperback: $10.00 + shipping (limited-time offer!)

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An Incomplete History of St. Joseph County, Indiana

​Did you know that the founder of New Carlisle is credited with introducing ice cream to Japan? Or that a famous slave trial in South Bend would reverberate through the country and lead to the start of the Civil War? Did you know that Mishawaka was once the Peppermint Capital of the World? Did you know that Indiana and Michigan almost went to war over the narrow strip of land that contains most of St. Joseph County?


AN INCOMPLETE HISTORY OF ST. JOSEPH COUNTY tells these stories and more. Throughout the tales of twelve epic bike rides spanning more than 500 miles, you’ll discover the history of the towns, cities, rivers, industries, and commerce that have made St. Joseph County what it is today. If you’ve ever wondered what an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown would look like if it was instead a book about the history of the place called St. Joseph County, wonder no more.

Paperback: $10.00 + shipping (limited-time offer!)

Incomplete History
Simon Rousseau and the House on the Hill

​Simon Rousseau has never seen paints. He's never seen a painting, and he's definitely never reached into one to travel to the magical world on the other side. He's never eaten real Italian pizza. He's never fallen in love and he's never lied to his Dad, but all of that is about to change.

When the house on the hill starts changing colors, Simon's curiosity takes him all the way to Florentina, a magical world filled with magical artists who can manipulate reality just by painting it.  Even better, Simon learns he can become one of them, and all he has to do is play a tiny role in an artists' conflict that's been raging since the Renaissance. What's the worst that could happen?


Simon Rousseau I
First, Get a Million Dollars

​Jack Iskell is rude, sarcastic, and pessimistic to a fault. If he's not careful, his rabid cynicism is going to get him killed... unless it kills someone else first. After a decade of failures, Jack's jaded mind cracks, and he settles on a new plan. He's going to kill Jericho Stone, the most influential guru in the Valley.

There's only one hiccup. Jack's a dorky computer developer who doesn't know how to buy a gun, hire a hitman, or handle the meeting with the underground smugglers. But what's bad for Jack is good for readers, as First, Get a Million Dollars delivers plenty of laugh-out-loud moments as this dark comedy heads toward its twisted end. This book includes adult themes and mild adult language.


Million Dollars
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