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Ride the Jack Rabbit: More of the People, Places, and Events that Make Michiana Fascinating

They never told us we lived in the most fascinating place in all of the Midwest...

I grew up here. Lived my whole life here. I've ridden my bike to every corner of this place. Shoot, I even wrote a book about it.

And there were still so many fascinating things that I didn't know.

So I wrote another book.

In Ride the Jack Rabbit, you're going to come with me to explore more of the people, places, and events that have made my hometown just about the most interesting place I've ever discovered. You're coming on an adventure with me through:

  • The spectacular history of Playland Park, the South Bend amusement park that featured a roller coaster, dance hall, baseball stadium, racetrack, and music pavilion.

  • The life of Edward Bonney, founder of Bonneyville, Indiana turned notorious counterfeiter, turned personal bodyguard to Joseph Smith, turned bounty hunter, turned true crime biographer. 

  • The early-morning bombings in downtown South Bend in 1935 that set off a soap opera of media speculation, secretive investigations, and court room drama.

  • The life and times of Alexander Arch, the South Bend man who became a national hero when he fired the first American shot of World War I.

  • The Underground Railroad of Cass County, where escaped slaves found unprecedented freedom, equality, opportunity, and prosperity.

  • Much, much more.

Written with a unique blend of information, adventure, and humor; and with more than 70 historic photographs and reproductions, Ride the Jack Rabbit brings the stories and histories of Michiana to life in a whole new way. After spending hundreds of hours in the microfilm room, and just as many with a glass of bourbon at my typewriter, I'm excited to bring these adventures to you.

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